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Removalists in Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek is one of those emerging suburbs that not too many people know about.

But, let me let you into a little secret. Wolli Creek is fast becoming a melting pot of uni students, foreigners and families wanting to live on the city’s outskirts without the massive price tag.

And, if you are one of those people thinking that moving to Wolli Creek is about to happen, then the team at 2 Men Removals will be able to help you move into your next Wolli Creek home, terrace or apartment. There are so many reasons why Wolli Creek is so attractive; it is wedged nicely in the southern part of Sydney next to the airport, Arncliffe, just outside Newtown and St Peters. Once an area frowned upon as super working class and not a desirable neighbourhood, Wolli Creek has blossomed into a wonderful suburb with great restaurants, cafes and shops. You can easily make your way into the city by following the Princes Highway.

Getting removal trucks in and out of Wolli Creek can prove challenging at the best of times, especially with peak-hour traffic heading to the southern areas of Sydney along the Princess Highway. This is why the punctual and reliable guys at 2 Men Removals will always leave our depot early to ensure we arrive on time as we said we would at your Wolli Creek house. We also understand that many people moving in and out of Wooli Creek will be from large high-rise apartments. So our removals team are psyched up for this challenge and will ensure that we get all your chairs, desks, TVs, couches and fridges quickly into the lifts and comply with all the strata laws of the building. After all, we want to make you happy by being on time, not damaging any furniture, and keeping all the other residents happy.

The 2 Men Removals team covers the entire Wooli Creek area from the Princess Highway that stretches from Tempe to Rockdale and all those side streets famous in Wooli Creek like Railway Street, Forest Road to Wollongong Road. Wherever you are in Wooli Creek, we’ll help you move and make sure it’s stress and worry-free!

Quick facts about Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It sits beside the Wolli Creek and Cooks River waterways. Wolli Creek is situated between the suburbs of Arncliffe and Tempe, 10 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district and is part of the St George area.

Wolli Creek residents, take note, If you are considering using a removalist, the following reasons are why 2 Men Removals is the best choice!

1) Affordable. Most people living in the Wooli Creek area are looking for value for money. With high-interest rates and inflation spiralling out of control, everyone is looking to save a few dollars where possible. This includes your removalist. You don’t want to recoil when they quote you or hit you with the final invoice at the end of the job. But, on the other hand, you don’t like surprises, so using 2 Men Removals will be your best bet. They are reasonably priced and offer a genuinely good service for what you get.

2) Busy lives. Most people who live in the Wooli Creek area are of a younger multi-cultural demographic. They all lead hectic lives with university and jobs to keep (many of which are part-time), and for the families, there are the kids to worry about. So, the last thing you need is extra stress when moving. 2 Men Removals has been around for over a decade, and we know you are busy, so we aim to be as fast and caring as possible with as little disruption to your lives as possible.

3) We value your possessions. You spent lots of money on your household items and want to keep them in the same condition from home move to move. You don’t want to open up a box and find cracked or chipped glassware, scratches, or dents on your furniture and white goods. Everything costs money, and we respect this. At 2 Men Removals, we go out of our way to be as agile and careful as possible.

4) 100% Insured. Unfortunately, far too many furniture removal companies in the Wooli Creek area operate as small businesses with rented trucks and a mate to help them. Well, at 2 Men Removals, we are entirely legitimate and run with all the proper paperwork and credentials, including insurance.

5) We love what we do. Lifting heavy items all day can get tedious, laborious and demanding work. But, we enjoy our job, which shows from when we arrive on your doorstep.

Get in touch with 2 Men Removals on 1300 522 140 if you would like the services of furniture removalists that residents in Wolli Creek are happy to recommend.