Tips for preparing your home moving day

Moving day is exciting but complex – there are a million and one things to remember and it’s time-pressured.

We’re here to help; 2 Men Removals has completed thousands of removals in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs and the wider Sydney area.

We’re pros in ensuring that what could be chaotic, runs seamlessly, and you begin your adventure in your new home in the most positive and stress-free way.

Follow our ultimate pre-moving day guidelines for optimum productivity in the lead up to the big day.


Moving forces you to part with unnecessary items that take up valuable space: embrace it! Fully commit to the declutter cause and avoid last-minute attachments to that popcorn machine you purchased 7 years ago and has never been used. Ask yourself these simple questions when embarking upon your minimisation mission; Do I use this? How long since I last used this? Will I use it again? Is it worth the amount of space it takes up?

Give back

As the saying goes; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many charities offer a free donation pick up service, whereby a volunteer will collect your unwanted, but sellable items and take them to the local Opshop or St Vinnies. Look up, or get in touch with your preferred charity to see if they offer this service.

Thrifty dining

Stop buying groceries in the week leading up to the big move. Minimise food wastage by using up what’s already in your fridge and freezer. At least one day before you move make sure you’ve defrosted your fridge/freezer and given it a good clean all ready for its spot in your new kitchen. For extra ‘one-step ahead of the game brownie points’, schedule an online shop of grocery essentials to arrive at your new place the evening you move in.

Create a master checklist

Our brains love ordered tasks. Write down everything you need to achieve, stick to it and feel your productivity levels rise! Be sure to include things like making sure your removalist has easy, hassle-free access and parking available – they’ll thank you for making the effort to organise that prior to relocation day.

Consider your future self

Regardless of how much help you get from your home furniture removalist, or your family and friends, moving day is still pretty taxing with a lot of variables to take into account. That’s why considering your future self, (i.e. the one that’s just spent 12 hours unpacking and is exhausted) is so important! Make your new bed up early on in the day, that way when it comes to the point where you are ready to crash, you can do so at a moment’s notice.

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