Top Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

As trusted Sydney Removalists, we’ve helped thousands of Sydneysider’s relocate.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to packing and moving but we know that what comes after that can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve drawn upon our wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you our top stress-busting tips, to help you post move-in day.

1) Start a conversation

Make introductions and get to know your neighbours. Getting on well with those living nearby leads to more peaceful living, an increased sense of community and safety in the knowledge that you always have someone to borrow sugar from!

2) Update your details

Remember to let your bank, superannuation and health insurance provider know about your change of address. It’s one of those dull but unavoidable jobs, and luckily most organisations will allow you to update online.

3) Make it your own

Whether you tackle one room at a time, or undergo a total renovation, making your house your home is one of the most exciting parts about relocating. Putting your unique stamp on your home will ensure that it feels like your own.

4) Get to know your home

Has your bathroom door lock got a knack to it? Do you know where the flip switch is? Have you checked if your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working? These small things can be easy to overlook, but will save you more than just time if you’re in the know from the get-go.

5) Explore and connect

A major factor in feeling settled and content in your new area is how connected you feel to your community. Familiarise yourself with local events, cafes, restaurants, sports clubs and health centres. Set time aside each week to explore, and see every outing as an opportunity to meet someone new. Once you begin to build a network of like minded people, it’s no coincidence that your sense of belonging will increase too.

6) Get Comfy

Missing your old home and routine slightly? Don’t panic, it’s a big transition and sometimes takes a little while to get used to. If you find yourself feeling like this, light your favourite candles, listen to your favourite music and instantly feel more cozy.

7) Re-establish your usual routine

Moving will often mean that your usual activities and routines are disrupted for a short-while – and that’s okay. But as soon as it’s feasible, get back into the swing of things. Whether that’s your nightly gym sessions or weekly pub sessions, you’ll feel more settled when you are doing the things you usually do.

8) Celebrate and relax

The challenging part is over and the fun is just beginning, start making memories!

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