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Hire us today for your next safe office move in Sydney– with 2 Men Removals your office move will be in capable hands! Are you getting ready to relocate your office but you can’t do it on your own? We understand that office relocation can be a very daunting and time-consuming task, which is why we have formed a team of professionals who can tackle that challenge in no time. You don’t have to look for other office removalists Sydney wide. With 2 Men Removals, you will get efficacy, punctuality and professionalism all in one. But that’s not all. We have been performing office removals Sydney wide for over a decade now, which gave us the needed experience to know exactly which approach is best for office removals. Serving throughout the Sydney and Greater Sydney area, our extensive fleet of vehicles gives us the capacity to move all types of furniture quickly with minimum fuss.

Full-Service Sydney Office Removals

Do you need office furniture disassembling? We’re the right team of people for the task. Do you have more computers than you thought? Not a problem, we can handle that too. When you hire 2 Men Removals, we can guarantee only minor disruption. We will do our best to equip your office quickly and allow you to do your business as usual again, as soon as possible. With 2 Men Removals, you can book your office relocation services anywhere in Sydney and instantly know you’re in safe hands. On top of that, our services also include free wrapping protection of your belongings as well as complimentary packing and unpacking services. You won’t have to lift a finger. We are there to offer full-service office removals anywhere in Sydney and Greater Sydney areas. Contact us today and schedule your office relocation anywhere in Sydney or Greater Sydney area. 

Our team of experienced removalists have enough experience in the field and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee seamless office furniture removals Sydney wide. Whether you are moving into a bigger or smaller office or relocating departments within a building, we can tackle any office relocations in Sydney areas successfully and efficiently. Our experienced team of removal specialists will be there to offer help and guidance throughout the entire process of your office relocation. We understand how frustrating it can be to face additional costs after you’ve paid what you thought was the fee for your office relocation services. That’s why with 2 Men Removals there will never be any hidden costs. When you ask for a quote, you will get a full price estimate, and you will not pay a single dime more than that.

We want you to know that we will always do everything we can to ensure that you have a smooth and timely relocation. We also understand the necessity to be flexible in the modern business world, which is why we offer you nothing less!

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Why choose 2 Men Removals for your office relocation in Sydney



We know how important your time is. We will do everything to ensure we start your move at your requested time with no delays. With us, you’ll always get premium office relocation services.



From packing to end of lease cleaning and everything in between, we will always have our customer’s best interest at heart. We offer premium office removals and allow you to decide if you want to participate in the removal process or not. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like to be, we’ll tailor our solutions to your requirements.



Our quotes are competitive and all-inclusive, meaning there'll be no hidden fees that you weren’t expecting.



Over the last decade we’ve completed thousands of office relocations. Let us help you relocate quickly and easily.



1- Transit insurance – this covers the cost of damage caused to your goods in an at-fault vehicle accident, while in transit.

2- Workers compensation – this covers you against the cost of any injuries caused to our workers whilst moving your goods.

3- Public liability – your premises are covered for up to 20 million dollars worth of damage, in the unlikely event this occurs during the removal.



From beginning to end, our professional team will be with you helping with everything you need. We are your number one office removalist, so feel free to contact us today for a quote and book your removal.



If you have any furniture that needs to be taken apart and put back together, your quote includes a free professional furniture dismantling and reassembling service.



Your sofa, mattress and other soft furnishings will be wrapped to give them extra protection whilst we complete your relocation.



Did you know that you don’t have to do any of your packing and unpacking if you are too busy, or simply do not wish to. Ask for a quote that includes our packing and unpacking service. This means that you can sit back and relax whilst we look after your WHOLE move from the first box to the last!



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Office removalists Frequently Asked Questions in Sydney area

How far in advance should I book an office removalist?

The more notice you give the better chance you’ll have in securing your preferred office removal date and quality removalists. For local office removals aim to book at least 1 to 2 weeks ahead of your move date.

When will I hear back from 2 MEN REMOVALS about my domestic relocation?

We commit to responding to all office removal service quote requests within 24-hours – if not sooner, where possible!

How can I make sure there are no hidden costs associated with my furniture removal?

At 2 MEN REMOVALS, our quotes are competitive and all-inclusive, meaning they’ll be no hidden fees you weren’t expecting – just the best movers and packers service we’ve become known for.

What is the best way to move an office?

Our top tip is to research professional relocation companies near you. You want to go for trusted removalists, providing top moving solutions. Having an experienced removals company on hand to guide you through the whole process makes it so much simpler. Be sure to check out our blog about moving hacks to help your relocation run as smoothly as possible.

How can I reduce my office removal costs?

The best way to reduce costs is by saving time where you can. Ensure all boxes are packed and ready to go. You can always dismantle larger pieces of furniture and move lighter pieces to one area ready for safe and fast removal. However, we do recommend leaving heavier items to our professional furniture removalists.

How to find the best local removalist near me?

Do your due diligence, check out reviews to understand who the best rated moving companies near you are. Top relocation companies will provide reliable movers which should be reflected in the removalists reviews.

See what our customers say about us.

What should I look for in a professional removalist company?

Fantastic removals reviews are really important. If previous customers have had a positive experience it’s more likely that you will too. The highest rated moving companies will take pride in their work and strive to provide the best end-to-end experience for their customers, with top moving solutions.

Don’t forget to check out what our customers say about us!

How long will it take to complete my office relocation?

We have been performing office removals for over a decade, so we know that every customer requires special attention. Every move is unique and there are many factors to consider when estimating how long a domestic removal will take. Some factors to consider:

Access – is there easy access to your office? Are there lots of stairs for our furniture removalists to contend with, or will they be able to use an elevator?

Parking – the closer our professional relocation team can park to the access points of your property, the better.

Packaging – having everything pre-boxed and ready to go will also ensure a fast removalist service.

What if my furniture removal doesn’t all fit in one trip?

We use the largest trucks permitted on suburban streets. This means that most domestic removals are completed with one trip. On the odd occasion that it doesn’t, our professional movers will do 2 journeys, or send a 2nd truck.

What’s the right size truck for my office relocation?

This depends on the size of your office, how far you’re moving, your street dimensions and traffic conditions. As a trusted removalist, we provide top moving solutions and will work with you to ensure we use the right truck to complete a safe removal job.

Will my office removal be affected if my office is in a densely populated area with limited parking?

You will need to arrange parking for our furniture removal truck before your moving day. If street parking is available, inform your neighbours that you’ll need at least 3 car spots for our truck – use bins or cones to reserve the area if necessary.

In areas where street parking is not readily available, such as in the CBD, you can contact the local council for parking permits. We complete jobs in a variety of areas, so we understand the challenges – our smooth movers will work with you to ensure everything runs safely and goes to plan.

What if it rains on my relocation day? Can I still have a safe move?

Absolutely! Our professional removalists are used to operating in a variety of weather conditions and will ensure to carry out a careful removals service. Your belongings will be boxed and wrapped adequately to minimise exposure to the wet conditions.

What sort of packing materials do I need for a safe move?

We use boxes to store your items, wrapping for your soft furnishings, blankets for furniture and tape and butcher paper for your fragile items. All of these packing materials are industry-standard and provided free of charge to ensure a careful removal service.

Is packing material including in my office relocation service?

Yes. We know how much you’ll have on your plate during the midst of office relocation, so to make things easier for you we provide all of your packing materials, completely free of charge. Another detail that helps us earn the title of best house movers!

Can I use my own boxes for packing for office removal?

You can, but there’s no need. We provide them free of charge ( as long as you take out our packaing and unpacking service), along with all other packaging materials. Another customer benefit that makes us one of the most trusted removalists.

Do I need to have insurance for my office removal?

Offering a reliable removals service means that we’re very careful and have rigorous protocols in place to keep your belongings as safe as can be during the move. However, if you feel like you want extra protection for peace of mind, we offer insurance at an additional cost. Contact us for more information.