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Coogee is home to the waves, pub culture, backpackers and young families, so people want to move into the Coogee area.

And, if you are considering moving into Coogee and looking for an excellent furniture removalist, then make sure you consider the guys at 2 Men Removals.

We will make your next move, whether in or out of Coogee, as easy as can be with our robust, friendly and super customer-focused removals team. For over a decade, the 2 Men Removals team has been helping young families move into their first semi, newly arrived tourists into their first shared apartment, retirees moving home, and large families with kids coming to Coogee for the first time with all their furniture removal needs. 

Our trucks have been seen driving all around Coogee carrying couches, flat-screen TVs, fridges, desks, dining tables, and even treasured paintings.

Like all home moves, you’ve probably taken the day off work, set aside a few hours, and dreaded the day. Unfortunately, most people don’t enjoy the whole home-moving process. First, there’s the packing and unpacking of furniture, not to mention all those broken plates and glasses. But, with 2 Men Removals, we will put those dreaded removals day blues behind you with our fast, friendly and reliable removals team. Our guys know exactly how you feel, so we arrive on time, do our job and finish up with minimal fuss.

We are based in the Eastern Suburbs, so we are super familiar with the Coogee area. From Arden Street, Mount Street, Anzac Parade, Bream Street, and Dolphin Street to Clovelly and Maroubra. No one can skirt around the streets and no all the shortcuts like our great drivers and professional removalists, which is why we pride ourselves on arriving on time and with a massive smile on our faces, ready to start the job.

Quick facts about Coogee

Coogee is a relaxed coastal suburb. Its broad, sandy beach appeals to both swimmers and surfers and the ocean pools cut into the headlands are popular with families. There are laid-back pubs and bars on the beachfront, while the surrounding streets are filled with alfresco cafes. Joggers take in dramatic ocean views on the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. Nearby, Gordon’s Bay has snorkelling trails and rich marine life.

Coogee has long been renowned as a party area, especially for Irish and English backpackers who love the beach culture. But, over time, the whole of Coogee has slowly gentrified to become one of the most desirable beachside suburbs to live in the East. For example, look at what happened with North Coogee at the Bathers Pavillion.

If you want to be part of this exciting and upcoming area and want the best Coogee removal company to help you, call 1300 522 140.

Reasons why 2 Men Removals are the # 1 choice for your next Coogee move. 

1) We put money back in your piggy bank. Don’t fear furniture removal quotes any longer, as we are not a big brand that needs to charge lots to cover our expenses. Instead, we are a boutique furniture removal company in Coogee, so we can pass the savings on to you. With 2 Men Removals, you will be saving!

2) Headache free. Put the panadol away as you won’t need it when you use the Coogee Furniture Removals service of 2 Men Removals. More often than not, moving day is cause to worry about getting a migraine or headache. You’ve been conditioned to think that the removalists will be late, unfriendly and charge lots of extras. But with us at 2 Men Removals, we are the exact opposite. We are on time, helpful, and very caring about your household possessions.

3) We love our job. The guys who work at 2 Men Removals do so because they enjoy what they do. They don’t like office jobs and are certainly doing this because they enjoy helping people and seeing the satisfaction they bring to every household.

4) No broken plates, glasses or lost cutlery. Yes, that’s right, with our guys, we ensure all boxes are clearly labelled and nothing goes missing.

5) Insurances. We are an established removal company with the proper paperwork and all the documents you need to feel completely safe.

If you need the very best Coogee removal company to help you, call 2 Men Removals on 1300 522 140. 

You will soon see why so many Coogee residents turn to us for their home move.