Can You Trust Your Removals Company?

It’s a super-common question as trusting your valuables and furniture to a removals company is a huge step.

Things get broken, chipped or scratched, and how do you trust the company will do the removals job properly?

We refer to the NSW Fair Trading top tips on choosing a credible and reliable moving company.

Make sure the moving company you decide to go with ticks the boxes:

Compare Removals Services Online

Do your homework and make sure you compare removal companies online via their reviews, so you get the right services with the correct pricing. You don’t want to overpay or the cheapest removal company that will damage furniture or break precious items. 2 Men Removals has a 4.8+ star rating out of the most independent Google Reviews, making us the #1 rated home and office removalist.

Read our reviews and get in touch with one of our expert home movers about your move today—our core goal is to make sure you are completely 100% satisfied with our work ethic and customer satisfaction.

Ask Lots Of Questions to Find Out About the Service

Don’t be shy! Ask as many questions as you can about the move, the pricing, what’s included in the quote, types of insurances they have, what happens f there are traffic delays, road toll costs and who pays for these, extra time charges ( if any), storage fees and if they do the packing and unpacking. At 2 Men Removals, we are more than happy to answer all your questions and put to bed any issues or concerns you may have about what happens on the moving day. Our super strong guys are fit, clean, and courteous and know how valuable your furniture is and we treat it with respect and as if it was our own.

You can find all about our completely transparent rates, terms and conditions and service online by getting an instant quote. Or call us on 1300 03 03 77 to talk to one of our expert home movers about any questions you may have.

Ask for a Written Quote Before Hiring a Moving Company

You have to get a fully written quote based on the items to be moved, whether in the home or office – which makes sense. Everything should be in writing before you commence the removals job – which NSW Fair Trading recommends. At 2 Men Removals, we are happy to say that we offer a fixed pricing service for all home and office moves. We will let you know in advance if the move scopes out due to unforeseen circumstances.

Read the Contract Carefully

Ensure it contains a complete outline of all the details of the service provided; pickup and delivery addresses, dates and times of the home or office move; a household and office inventory list and lastly, insurance details for any loss or damage of furniture. At 2 Men Removals, we make our terms and conditions and contracts easy to understand with no hidden agendas or extra costs hidden in the finer print. We are not here to rip you off but to provide the best furniture removals service possible.

Ask About Insurance

Removalists are not required by law to provide insurance for your possessions or furniture during a move. However, we do recommend that you take out insurance for the action.

Look at all the Google Reviews Carefully

We all know that some businesses will get their mates or family members to write Google reviews for them and post them on Google. It’s a common practice so when you do your research, look at all the reviews, even the negative ones. But, and I want to emphasise this point, make sure you call them up and ask them questions over the phone. Go with your gut instinct. How do they sound over the phone? Are they polite, speak English and if you leave a message, do they call you back promptly – this reflects heavily on the type of service you are likely to receive in the future.

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