Top Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

As trusted Sydney Removalists, we’ve helped thousands of Sydneysider’s relocate.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to packing and moving but we know that what comes after that can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve drawn upon our wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you our top stress-busting tips, to help you post move-in day.

1) Start a conversation

Make introductions and get to know your neighbours. Getting on well with those living nearby leads to more peaceful living, an increased sense of community and safety in the knowledge that you always have someone to borrow sugar from!

2) Update your details

Remember to let your bank, superannuation and health insurance provider know about your change of address. It’s one of those dull but unavoidable jobs, and luckily most organisations will allow you to update online.

3) Make it your own

Whether you tackle one room at a time, or undergo a total renovation, making your house your home is one of the most exciting parts about relocating. Putting your unique stamp on your home will ensure that it feels like your own.

4) Get to know your home

Has your bathroom door lock got a knack to it? Do you know where the flip switch is? Have you checked if your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working? These small things can be easy to overlook, but will save you more than just time if you’re in the know from the get-go.

5) Explore and connect

A major factor in feeling settled and content in your new area is how connected you feel to your community. Familiarise yourself with local events, cafes, restaurants, sports clubs and health centres. Set time aside each week to explore, and see every outing as an opportunity to meet someone new. Once you begin to build a network of like minded people, it’s no coincidence that your sense of belonging will increase too.

6) Get Comfy

Missing your old home and routine slightly? Don’t panic, it’s a big transition and sometimes takes a little while to get used to. If you find yourself feeling like this, light your favourite candles, listen to your favourite music and instantly feel more cozy.

7) Re-establish your usual routine

Moving will often mean that your usual activities and routines are disrupted for a short-while – and that’s okay. But as soon as it’s feasible, get back into the swing of things. Whether that’s your nightly gym sessions or weekly pub sessions, you’ll feel more settled when you are doing the things you usually do.

8) Celebrate and relax

The challenging part is over and the fun is just beginning, start making memories!

If your thinking about moving home and are looking fro a furniture removalists call the team at 2 Men Removals.


Who Moves Home at Christmas?

Try telling your family and friends that you are planning to move homes during the Christmas period and they may question your sanity.

But here at 2 Men Removals, despite the increased social demands that roll around each December, we know that the holiday period can actually be an ideal time to make the big move, and here are the top 4 reasons why;

1) The weather: December marks the start of Summer here in Sydney, daily average temperatures of 22°C mean that the Goldilocks principle comes into play and the climate is neither too hot, nor too cold, but just right for relocating.

2) Your kids will be on their school holidays. You won’t need to work around their schedule by factoring in time to fit in the school run, leaving you to get on with the job in hand, distraction-free.

3) Your workplace will more than likely be winding down too, making it easier to secure some time off.

4) There’s no better feeling than celebrating Christmas in your new abode. When teaming up with experts like us, you don’t need to hold off until the New Year for your fresh start!

With these reasons in mind, here’s the P.O.A if you do decide a move before Christmas is on the cards…

Get Prepared

Christmas is just 3 weeks away, so call on us to help you ease the festive rush. Yes, relocating your family and home removals and everything you own can seem daunting, but it’s our job to ensure the process is as stress-free and smooth as possible. Our team of professional’s work around the clock, 7 days a week to deliver an exceptional level of service. With over a decade worth of experience in the removals industry, we’ve earned the accolade of Sydney’s most trusted removals company.

Get Packing

Packing is a skill in itself and is so much more than simply filling boxes. If you’d rather fill your online shopping cart, than fill your removals box, then leave the hard stuff to our trained experts. We’re skilled in the art of packing and we’ll ensure that your belongings are kept safe from door to door and throughout the entirety of your move. If you’ve got the packing side of things covered, then just make sure swimwear, beach towels and barbeque equipment are easy to find – you’ll be needing those essentials for a proper Aussie Christmas!

Get festive

Rely on our end to end, tailored service to ensure a 2 Men move, allowing you to enjoy the magic of Christmas, settle into your new home and get to know your neighbours over a festive drink or two. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all.

Tips for preparing your home moving day

Moving day is exciting but complex – there are a million and one things to remember and it’s time-pressured.

We’re here to help; 2 Men Removals has completed thousands of removals in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs and the wider Sydney area.

We’re pros in ensuring that what could be chaotic, runs seamlessly, and you begin your adventure in your new home in the most positive and stress-free way.

Follow our ultimate pre-moving day guidelines for optimum productivity in the lead up to the big day.


Moving forces you to part with unnecessary items that take up valuable space: embrace it! Fully commit to the declutter cause and avoid last-minute attachments to that popcorn machine you purchased 7 years ago and has never been used. Ask yourself these simple questions when embarking upon your minimisation mission; Do I use this? How long since I last used this? Will I use it again? Is it worth the amount of space it takes up?

Give back

As the saying goes; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many charities offer a free donation pick up service, whereby a volunteer will collect your unwanted, but sellable items and take them to the local Opshop or St Vinnies. Look up, or get in touch with your preferred charity to see if they offer this service.

Thrifty dining

Stop buying groceries in the week leading up to the big move. Minimise food wastage by using up what’s already in your fridge and freezer. At least one day before you move make sure you’ve defrosted your fridge/freezer and given it a good clean all ready for its spot in your new kitchen. For extra ‘one-step ahead of the game brownie points’, schedule an online shop of grocery essentials to arrive at your new place the evening you move in.

Create a master checklist

Our brains love ordered tasks. Write down everything you need to achieve, stick to it and feel your productivity levels rise! Be sure to include things like making sure your removalist has easy, hassle-free access and parking available – they’ll thank you for making the effort to organise that prior to relocation day.

Consider your future self

Regardless of how much help you get from your home furniture removalist, or your family and friends, moving day is still pretty taxing with a lot of variables to take into account. That’s why considering your future self, (i.e. the one that’s just spent 12 hours unpacking and is exhausted) is so important! Make your new bed up early on in the day, that way when it comes to the point where you are ready to crash, you can do so at a moment’s notice.